2010 BMW 5-series UK prices announced


Prices for the 2010 BMW F10 5–series have been announced for the UK and German markets more than 4 months before its launch. This shows the importance of the UK market where BMW 5-series is the segment leader. The most important reason though, is the fact that the new Mercedes E-class has met with good response and announcing prices so soon would make them wait a bit longer for the 5. So is this decision right? Only time will tell.

uk prices f10 5series bmw

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Another small confusion among buyers is this – With the all new F10 5-series coming with much more kit as standard than the previous model, will the price increase be substantial? Well, to my surprise, the prices do not indicate a substantial increase. We have attached a picture courtesy BMW Blog for your reference. Click on the picture for a larger resolution.

The base 523i with 6-speed manual costs just Rs 20,62,440 in the UK wile the same with 8-speed auto costs just a lakh more. This is amazing value considering the amount of equipment and the car that you are getting. Even though this is the least powerful petrol, it still manages to sprint to 100kph in 7.9 sec. The top of the line 550i with a Twin Turbo V8 and 407 bhp does the same in 5 sec flat and costs just above 33lakhs. The most important model for India though, the 520d manages 100kph in 8.1 sec and costs just a tad under 20lakh rupees with the 8-speed auto.

The prices are very encouraging and going by the hike, the Indian 520d is likely to cost 43-44 lakhs while the base 523i petrol also falling in the same range. The 528i is expected to cost a bit higher, at 46lakhs. These prices have been arrived by comparing the prices in UK and India and for the real Indian prices, we have to wait for the Indian launch next year. Remember to visit us back for all the news!


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