2013 Honda CR-V to hit Indian market by next month

2013 Honda CR-V  made it’s global debut in American market last year and in a phased manner it is being launched in other markets. Now it’s India’s turn. The 2013 Honda CR-V will make it’s Indian debut by next month. The launch dates is yet to be confirmed by Honda India.The fourth generation Honda CR-V comes with a completely new styling and exterior details. The last generation Honda CR-V had many square elements in the exteriors, but the 2013 CR-V is more fluidic and curvy.

2013 Honda CR-V

The new Honda CR-V has two engine options – two petrol units. The entry level version will get a 2.0 ltr engine while the top end version will get 2.4 ltr  unit. In international market, 2013 Honda CR-V is available in both manual and automatic gear box options. The manual version is equipped with a six manual transmission while automatic version is fitted with a five speed autobox. Both the engines are detuned to extract maximum mileage at the cost of slightly lower power outputs. The diesel sipping 2013 Honda CR-V is at a distance and may take another two-three years to become a reality.

The new Honda CR-V is shorter compared to the outgoing model. But it broader and roomier than it’s predecessor. Honda engineers have carved out more interior space from the available dimensions of the new CR-V. The spacious cabin and ample luggage space will help new Honda CR-V to become a capable offering in Indian crossover offerings.

A five inch multi display screen also has been provided in the new Honda CR-V. The convenience features include a multi angle rear view camera set up.

Now the most important part of the story, unlike current generation Honda CR-V will be assembled in India. Honda India now imports fully assembled CR-V for local market. This strategy makes the vehicle CR-V costlier compared to it’s competition and if company assembles the vehicle here 2013 Honda CR-V will become pocket friendly. But this depends upon, the company’s pricing strategy. Stay fingers crossed.

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