BMW 320d stretches one tank of fuel to 1631km

BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics BMW 320d stretches one tank of fuel to 1631km

A BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics model has proved what it is capable of by covering a massive 1,013 miles on a single tank of fuel. Motoring Journalist Tom Ford claims that he was able to drive from UK to Munich and almost made it back to the UK. The 320d was filled up at the Channel Tunnel before making its way to Munich and then returning. To make it even more interesting, Tom Ford did not follow any efficient driving methods like coasting or deliberately driving slowly. He did occasionally switch off the air con to balance his average fuel consumption. Overall, Tom managed an impressive average speed of 59.3mph (100km/h) and an average fuel consumption of 65mpg (30km/l).

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He said: “I was prepared for this car to fail in the real world. I was wrong.Although I did try and be careful and drive in a feather-footed manner, I did cruise at a reasonable 65ish mph on the autoroutes and autobahns, so faster than the usual economy run pace.

“Think about it in the context of everyday motoring: comfortably more than 1,000 miles on one tank of diesel means just 12 fills a year for the average motorist – and even driven normally I still think you’re looking at 750-800 miles per fill. BMW’s EfficientDynamics: it does what it says on the tin.”

He said: “It’s difficult to tell the difference between this model and a standard 320d in terms of driving performance which is brilliant. It means that as well as the obvious financial advantages, this special 320d is a car for the environmentally conscious who still want a car that drives superbly.”

So BMW 320d does what it says and India loves the 320d Corporate Edition which is available for just Rs 24 lakhs. What are you waiting for? Grab yours today!


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