CAR Magazine creates a ‘tube map’ of the Auto World

The drawing that started it all. Click for a higher resolution image

CAR Magazine UK has come up with a spectacular subway style map featuring every major automaker, its brands and sub-brands along with its technological partners, spin-offs and relationships with other automakers. The complicated relationships that exist among automakers are difficult to decipher but CAR have made it much easier. CAR released a similar map five years ago and now, for 2010, the updated map shows every major automaker and the relationship between them.

For example, you will find Tata along with Jaguar and Land Rover connected to Fiat, with which Tata has an alliance. You will also find Porsche under the VW family. The map is up to date right up to Toyota’s deal with Tesla. Hit the jump to see the maps in both pdf and jpeg forms. View the high-resolution images to understand the complete picture.

Hit the jump for all the files

Find the 2005 map below.

The map of 2005. Click for a higher resolution

Now the biggie – The 2010 map below.

The map for 2010

Pdf of 2005 map

Pdf of 2010 map

[CAR via Autoblog]

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