Meet Tata Nano’s New Critic

Tata Nano launch around the corner , now it is last chance for critics to deliver their final thoughts before launch.Earlier Maruti Suzuki was in critic role, they expressed doubt about Nano’s capability to be a safe vehicle in Indian roads.Now none other than Audi joins Maruti in critic role.

nano-europa“Entering (by any model) the US and European market is very tough due to very stringent security and consumption regulations. Many Chinese carmaker had earlier tried to enter Europe, but could not as they faced problems,” Audi AG Member of the Board (Finance and Organisation) Axel Strotbek told PTI in Germany.

We do understand the fact that European customers are very much choosy when it comes to passenger safety,fuel efficiency and emission norms.But does it mean an Indian manufacturer can not fulfill the legal and customer requirements at competitive price tag?

Seems Audi official did not notice Tata Nano Europa ,the European edition of Tata Nano at Geneva Motor Show this year.Tata Nano Europa is already complying most important safety requirements for a European vehicle.But we admit the fact that Nano Europa has to be proved in European roads.

So does blind criticism make any sense? That also from one of top European giant.By the way Tata can count it as an appreciation because Nano is spreading discomfort at all corners of automobile world irrespective of their status.


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Osama suzukiwho has no grace in critisizing cause himself sold death boxes like Omni and 800 since 1985 to ignorant Indians with hands in Govt throwing all the safety norms in air minted monies in India since their bancrupcy days in 1985.Had Indians had not bought suzuki ..then suzuki would have gone Daewoo way

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