Merc pulls silks off the AMG G63

IMG_0635We are looking at a design that is 34 years old and the G class continues to stun us as it did before. We are at the launch function of the G63 AMG in Mumbai and this time it is bigger, better and more powerful than ever before. Well the AMG suffix suggests it all. The G63 is priced at ₹ 1.46 cr(Ex-Showroom Mumbai) and will be a CBU purchase. Speaking on the occasion, MD & CEO Mercedes Benz India, Mr. Eberhard Kern said, “The G-Class has the essential attributes of a Mercedes-Benz: dynamism, comfort, safety and status. Yet its pedigree and classic form has been retained across the 34 years of its existence. The G-Class retains its shape, rugged design and the same mission to cope with extreme conditions.”

We wouldn’t deny Mr. Kern. The front fascia gives it an air of superiority and pure muscle with is vertical stance. The chrome work blends perfectly into its otherwise stainless steel body work. Be it the dusty terrains of Schöckl where it was born and raised or the red carpet at Hollywood, the G 63 finds home in every possible terrain it is thrown into.

Being traditional in design, the G63 would be a bulky and clumsy had it not been for the powerful packaging under the hood. The 5.5 liter V8 does an excellent job of hauling 2.6 tones. In addition to this, the boxy frame and the rectangular design philosophy across the panels renders the G63 to an Air Drag of 0.53! However the AMG badge at the rear panel gives us a clue of a throbbing heart that it carries

The 5.5 liter breathes through two turbos and puts out a massive 544 BHP@ 5500 rpm and enough torque to cause a disruption in the earth’s rotation, well 760Nm@ an early 2000 rpm, to be precise. This is put out via a 7 speed automatic transmission through all four wheels. Although it can go much faster the SUV is limited at 210kmph and even so claims to be the worlds’ fastest SUV. Well what’s the point? One doesn’t buy the G63 to zoom down the highway at 200 clicks! Moving further down the powertrain, the G63 incorporates triple differential lock; two at the axles and one at the transfer case. The 275/50 R20 Yokohamas are wrapped around the massive 5 spoke 20 inch Alloys which proudly proclaim their AMG lineage. This, along with the blood red calipers on all four discs make for an eye catching drive.

IMG_0659As we enter the cabin, we are greeted by the aroma of freshly sewn Alcantra by designo and loads and loads of bling. The multi function steering wheel, leather trimmed dashboards and an all new Sat-Nav  all lend a touch of lavishness. However, as we entered the second row… Well tried to enter the second row, we were taken aback by the lack of any legroom. The boot space on the other hand was a ball room in comparison to the passenger row. Overall build quality and the solidness is wholesome… for example the thunk of the door hitting the weather cord is a sound that is extremely fulfilling to someone who’s just paid a crore and a half.


Now that we know the pros, we know no amounts of cons are going to outweigh them. For one, the G63 is not available in a diesel and in a country that has a new found penchant for diesel, it’s going to be a bit hard to sell. Also the legroom in the second row is not worth the price it is being offered for. And what would be we give to have it built here… Aah wishful thinking!

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