Maruti Suzuki Swift Guinness World Record Attempt; Chennai leg report


Maruti Suzuki’s ambitious attempt at breaking the Guinness Record for the most number of single make gathering of cars didn’t go that well in Chennai. You see, the attempt was held in three venues – Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai simultaneously and Wheelosphere was present at the Chennai leg of the event that was held at the Madras Motorsports Track in Sriperumbudur. The Chennai leg saw record participation from over 610 Swifts from Chennai. Yup, that is a very huge amount of cars and uncontrollable considering the crowd that had lined-up.

All the arrangements were good, right from numbering the cars to stickering them and providing unlimited breakfast and water (and Nimbooz too) to all the participants. There were many games and two Suzuki GSX 150R models were on display as well. Maruti provided a goodie bag to all participants which consists of a Reebok bag, t-shirts, pens, discounted service coupons, 10L of free petrol/diesel and free tickets to Queensland Amusement park. That’s now all, JK Tyre provided free Tubeless tire repair kits and umbrellas. We predict that Maruti would have spent around Rs 1000 per car plus the charges for the track and refreshments.

The existing record is 250 Ford cars at New Zealand and the record could have easily come to Chennai had the event gone well. For two reasons it didnt go well and here are the reasons why. There were far too many Swifts, much more than what the organisers could handle and second reason is the lack of discipline from the participants. You see, to achieve the attempt, cars had to go in two rows for three laps around the track at a constant speed of around 20km/h with a 3 metre distance between the cars to set the record but that was when everything went wrong wrong wrong.

However, the attempt was achieved in Delhi with just 342 cars but failed in Mumbai. Images and more details after the break. Chennai could have been the best with over 600 cars but that did not happen.


All cars were asked to stand in an orderly manner and allowed into the track one by one to follow two lead cars. Teenagers and other un-cultured people for once did not follow the lead car and started violating the primary objective of the parade. Following them were several other cars who too violated the queue and went past several other cars following the rules. Once it was initiated, it was only a matter of time before everybody started doing the same and there were more than six rows by the time the formation lap ended. Very few cars were following the rules till then end. Maruti officials tried to modulate it such that the next lap would go well but that did not happen so. The Guinness Record attempt FAILED, thanks to all the reckless drivers out there. At that time, all we hoped was for a successful parade in Mumbai and Delhi. The Official judge from Guinness Book of Records just couldn’t accept the hooliganism.

After the formation lap, there were people who started arguing with the organisers for questioning their violation. There was one specific person arguing that he had emptied one full tank of diesel just after one lap! Those feeling unhappy, started arguing. The words they used against the organisers were unthinkable. So those unwilling to participate were shown the way out and the rest went for another lap which didn’t help either. So when the organiers finally decided to call it quits and allow the cars out, another quarrel broke out on the gifts issue. Finally, everybody were given the fuel coupons and tickets to the park and let off.

The failed attempt was due to mistakes on both sides. For once, Maruti did not depute enough officials.  There was never enough manpower at all and the organising was poor too. They could have done more and a company of this calibre could have done well, especially an event that is of this scale. Anyways, we are disappointed.

We are disappointed.


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Thanks for the report and the details why Chennai didnt qualify for the record. I was there and was one of the several hundred idiots who followed the rules on the printed bit of paper – moving in two lanes, staying in speed limit etc.
the few hundreds of idiot morons who felt they had to race spoilt what could have been a real record of records.
As much as you say Maruti is not at fault – there was absolutely no planning for this nor was there any briefing of the participants. the management of the event sucked. There is no point having such a large event without explicitly telling people what is expected of them. I felt letting the latecomers on the track was the biggest mistake done by the organisers as they were the ones who felt they had to race and get to the begining. A lot of us waited patiently for hours from 7.30 in my case – but the smart alecs who came late then drove off the track on the grass – hope they get their just ends – under some water/sand lorry !!!!

    Right, the rules on the paper. They gave it to you; a few of us on the other end of the field, who turned up around 8:00-8:30…never got sight of that. Nobody gave us that sheet, and when asked hastily thrust our car’s stickers into our hands. That’s all

Also forgot to mention – the same ones who honk for no reason and drive recklessly for no reason on the roads were the same ones who misbehaved on the track !!!! Am happy to have a clear conscience that I followed the rules – sad that the efforts/costs by Maruti and other sponsors came to waste due to the rash drivers on the track.

I really wish this record could be re-done – in a proper way- guess its too late now.

    True Sushil. Mistake was on both sides. Maruti needed better organising and even the drivers needed to have a sense of discipline. Sad that Maruti didnt make it. Lots to learn. We agree that the organising was poor too but had the procession followed in two rows, we might have been able to pull it off.

    btw, we were there at 6.50am and were 15th on the grid following every rule before others pushed us to 150th and finally last!

    Yep Mister goody two shoes, It’s easy to say that you were all right when there’s nobody who could vouch for that. But the blame rests both on the participants and the oganizers, more on the later because if they had not messed up in the first place, none of this would have happened. They could have easily regulated the number of cars going to the track. But nope, they did not. nobody got to the track without being told, they could have easily let 50 cars at a time and then kept feeding the track slowly with more cars. but in the end they just unleashed them all. We would have been glad to be a part of this whole record thing, if only we were told what we were to do, my whole time there, not a single maruti person came and spoke to me, i was the one running behind them asking what was to be done. Not good!

Wow – 6:50 is pretty early to get there :-). I was #127 and reached by 7:30. Ended up near close to the end of the pack by around 12:45. Am glad I got off the track safe and sound without getting hit by the maniacs.

Too bad I didn’t know you were there – else would have tried to meet. Did you see photos I took on Flickr ?

I was one of the participants and followed each and every rule as was mentioned in the paper that was given to me and in my opinion around 75% of the cars followed all the rules and they all had come there to have fun.
In this context his report seems to be absolutely biased, I was in at 7:30 am and mine was the 190th car and I left by 12:30 pm and no registration happened, so this report mentioning all registrations happened well is not true.
There was absolutely no communication about anything, we were always kept in dark.
The organizers were just busy talking between themselves and no one did anything apart from shifting blame on one another.
The volunteers were very few and there was no leadership and no one seemed to be controlling things happening there.
In the race track there were no volunteers to manage the cars leaving everyone frustrated.
Drivers lost their patience, only when they realized that it is utter chaos. With little children in the car and in the hot weather, if people have lost their patience after 5 hours, I think you should give it to them.
Infact few of us even volunteered to help them out of the chaos, but our help was not taken.
So, in my opinion the event in Chennai was poorly managed and that was the sole reason for the failure.
We had to drive nearly 50 kms to reach the location, on a Sunday morning waking up at 6 am, if you think we came for goodies and 10 litres of petrol, dear Mr. Author, you are absolutely mistaken.

My family was very disappointed bit because we did not get the goodies, but our efforts to get the record for our car was nit successful and this is what was most of the people felt

    @Venki – We wish to disagree. We were 15th on the grid and by the time we knew, we were 150th and ended up last. We left others do what they wanted and waited till then end. So we dont agree that 75% followed the rules but that figure was close to 40-50% only. We were the fore-runners and we know what exactly happened. We even went to the scenes of argument and tried to solve the issue but in vain.
    Abroad, such records take place for the passion for the cars and not for goodies. We only pointed out what Maruti gave to participants but didnt necessarily mention that participants came for goodies alone but there were some who came for that only and we personally met them too. They had no problems committing that.
    But we still stand by what we said, mistake was on Maruti’s side primarily but had the drivers been proper, we could have pulled it off. It is a big disappointment for the car and participants.
    btw, you might have been beside as we also volunteered to help and at the same time, we spoke to as many drivers as possible and Christians who had come were particularly annoyed as they couldnt go to Church, in which case, they shouldnt have turned up at all.

This is a classic example of how our drivers behave in public. I am not sure whether Maruti expected this level of participation and they were prepared to handle the situation. On the other hand the participants themselves played a huge role to make this effort a flop show. Had it been made entry to book of records, it could be one of the toughest record of it’s kind to break.

I do not agree with this article at all…I believe this is very biased and one sided, the event was nowhere near well organized, if it was all the participants fault, why did the organizers stand at the exit and apologise to each and every car that left?
I was one of the participants at the car rally. None of the rules about going at 20mph or minimum distance between cars was briefed to the participants, Why, we waited for more than 2 hours to get registered, which they told will happen if we wait in the car, nobody came forward for that. And the reebok bags and all those goodies, totally different story altogether, 75% of the people never got sight of those gifts, nothing was given. It was all sitting by the track piled in a truck, and what more, the Maruti crew which was driving by in a demo car, stopped and took a couple of those bags for themselves!
And when we finally got our chance to drive in the track, we made one lap and all the 600 plus cars were piled up on the track for 2 solid hours in the blistering heat and no one bothered to tell us what they intended to do!
They had enough and plenty time and work force to have made this event a success, all they had to do was to register all the cars (they had number stickers upto 800, all participants were registered ahead of the event on 28th, so they did have an approximate count of how many were expected)which they could have easily done when the cars came into the facility, you needed 4 ppl to put up[ the stickers, one to do the paperwork, one to brief the driver(there was a guy making announcement on the mike every now and then, he did not utter one word about the track regulations!) and then send them on the track. Even when we got to the track, they told us it is just a trial run. But after that so called trial run, nothing happened. We waited until 12:30 in the track sitting piled up in one horrible traffic jam. Finally, the authorities openned another gate and let us out, after profusely apologising for the mess up. And gave us the petrol vochers (for Rs 390; that does not buy 10 litres of petrol, but i am not complaining) and 4 queensland tickets. We were more than happy to get back on the highway. Why, there were bitter altercations between the organizers on the lack of ‘organisation’ and water bottles, yep…in the peak summer and one of the hottest days, you had to sit in your car on the burning tarmac, and there just was not enough water!
So stop this typical excuse of blaming the junta when the organizers themselves had not even an iota of interest in making the event a success! Half of us did not have a clue what the organizers were upto the whole time, and when we asked all the reply we got was; yes, we will register you after the trial run, yes, we will let you know and then vanished! After making ppl wait for so long, most ppl just wanted to get through this rigmarole and get home, which could have explained the hastiness in lane jumping, reckless driving, but pls, dont blame it on the participents alone, it was just pathetic event management!

    I agree with you Mr Sathya. The people who came early were briefed very well on what was supposed to be done but sadly, that had not been continued to others who came subsequently. So your side is the other side of the story which we wholly agree to. We even felt that Maruti did not depute enough organisers and there was no top guy managing the event.

    The Rs 390 worth card was for the owners of diesel cars. Rs 520 value card was for the Petrol cars. Maybe there was a mix up in this as well. Even we were there in the scorching sun till 2pm.

    But finally, after all I will blame the Janta too, especially the teenagers. They had a mind of their own and you could see them hanging out of their cars and overtaking others and when asked, all they had to reply was this ” Rules are meant to be broken”.


Do not loose ur heart
.This is a stepping stone
next call 500 people.
All customers r good.
get their opinion.
after all they r going 2 get the record.
have a reherseal
Good start………..bad finish….. communication g..a…p @ track….nobody 2 give guidence on the track…
should have provided volunteers @evey 100 mtrs
Do not worry.
Better luck next time.
We r here 2 support.

PARTICIPANT…..150…Vehicle no 7660

Sirs ?
Want 2 know wheter comments r registered????

Come on Maruti, what is past is past. Let us together make a Record at Chennai with proper planning in next few months. Happy to see that Maruti is able to attract 600 above cars at one place that itself a good sign


In future lets us not talk as two sides.

We r all in one side &……….Recording officials on the

other side……………Yethayun seanthu plan



    @ Mr Sivasankaran – We are united as automobile owners and connoisseurs and hence we should make this happen again. A similar parade took place more than four years back by the Chennai Swift Car Club and that went really well. Hope it happens again.

I had participated at Mumbai.For your information the same episode was repeated at Mumbai.I had arrived at 7am.I was car no 42.The problem was Maruti did not anticipate such a earnest response.And they were wrong inspite of knowing that these are swift owners and not any other car.There is passion in each and every swift owner which was seen at this event.But the organisers made error in understanding the enormous task of having so many cars with families from so early in this blistering heat.
I am sorry to say that in Mumbai it was lot worst because here almost 1400 cars had reached the venue.
It was literally the same way that the event veered at Mumbai as was mentioned here.I just wanted to check if the event was a success at other place or not.
Regarding receiving the goodies or expecting something from Maruti was not the purpose of any swift owner taking part in this event.It was informed by Maruti that they are going to give all the goodies and which was not done.I left the venue by 12.30 because it was total jam and too much chaos in the end.I have not received 10 litre voucher nor the promised tickets.But Neither I nor anynone who has participated in this event from early morning repented not receiving the gifts.But when you consider so many hours of time spent by so many families in such heat conditions, that was least to be expected from Maruti.The record could not have been created without our participation and still it would have been Maruti in the limelight.I feel they have cheated us emotionally and we have been fooled in broad day light.

Please count on me, would be willing to participate again for my car.

I had posted Comment here but has not been listed.So much for Honesty.

    Sir Wheelosphere has been vitnessing constant rise in traffic for the last few months. This fact attracts spammers to our site. We want to keep our comment section clean, so all comments are moderated manually. This is the reason behind the delay in appearing your comment in the list. Thanks for the patience, have a great stay @

This event was all about fun, showing our support to Maruti, seeing so many Swifts together bla bla. The fuel etc was just a bonus. No one had to fight for all that and unfortunately people did. Anyhow it was wonderful to see so many swifts in one place

@sushil @paresh @harry @sathya @venky
mail us your contact details(including mobile number) to


Somebody can share video clippings

2 under stand better..

I am happy with the Swift customer Drive and the Maruti people have managed well. Also the freebies are worth the waiting. I also got the chance to race in race track. I always imagined to be in a race track driving my swift car and this event made my dream come true! Kudos to Maruti Suzuki for arranging this event. Looking forward for another event!!!

Maruti has conducted Swift Guinness record event well. But the unruly customers spoiled. however gurgaon made it to the record. Also
you can see the strength by seeing the number of customers assembled in chennai, which crossed 800 cars and in mumbai which crossed 1200 cars. No other car in India has this much fans.. East or West Swift is the best

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