Maruti Suzuki Swift Guinness World Record Attempt; Chennai leg report


Maruti Suzuki’s ambitious attempt at breaking the Guinness Record for the most number of single make gathering of cars didn’t go that well in Chennai. You see, the attempt was held in three venues – Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai simultaneously and Wheelosphere was present at the Chennai leg of the event that was held at the Madras Motorsports Track in Sriperumbudur. The Chennai leg saw record participation from over 610 Swifts from Chennai. Yup, that is a very huge amount of cars and uncontrollable considering the crowd that had lined-up.

All the arrangements were good, right from numbering the cars to stickering them and providing unlimited breakfast and water (and Nimbooz too) to all the participants. There were many games and two Suzuki GSX 150R models were on display as well. Maruti provided a goodie bag to all participants which consists of a Reebok bag, t-shirts, pens, discounted service coupons, 10L of free petrol/diesel and free tickets to Queensland Amusement park. That’s now all, JK Tyre provided free Tubeless tire repair kits and umbrellas. We predict that Maruti would have spent around Rs 1000 per car plus the charges for the track and refreshments.

The existing record is 250 Ford cars at New Zealand and the record could have easily come to Chennai had the event gone well. For two reasons it didnt go well and here are the reasons why. There were far too many Swifts, much more than what the organisers could handle and second reason is the lack of discipline from the participants. You see, to achieve the attempt, cars had to go in two rows for three laps around the track at a constant speed of around 20km/h with a 3 metre distance between the cars to set the record but that was when everything went wrong wrong wrong.

However, the attempt was achieved in Delhi with just 342 cars but failed in Mumbai. Images and more details after the break. Chennai could have been the best with over 600 cars but that did not happen.


All cars were asked to stand in an orderly manner and allowed into the track one by one to follow two lead cars. Teenagers and other un-cultured people for once did not follow the lead car and started violating the primary objective of the parade. Following them were several other cars who too violated the queue and went past several other cars following the rules. Once it was initiated, it was only a matter of time before everybody started doing the same and there were more than six rows by the time the formation lap ended. Very few cars were following the rules till then end. Maruti officials tried to modulate it such that the next lap would go well but that did not happen so. The Guinness Record attempt FAILED, thanks to all the reckless drivers out there. At that time, all we hoped was for a successful parade in Mumbai and Delhi. The Official judge from Guinness Book of Records just couldn’t accept the hooliganism.

After the formation lap, there were people who started arguing with the organisers for questioning their violation. There was one specific person arguing that he had emptied one full tank of diesel just after one lap! Those feeling unhappy, started arguing. The words they used against the organisers were unthinkable. So those unwilling to participate were shown the way out and the rest went for another lap which didn’t help either. So when the organiers finally decided to call it quits and allow the cars out, another quarrel broke out on the gifts issue. Finally, everybody were given the fuel coupons and tickets to the park and let off.

The failed attempt was due to mistakes on both sides. For once, Maruti did not depute enough officials.  There was never enough manpower at all and the organising was poor too. They could have done more and a company of this calibre could have done well, especially an event that is of this scale. Anyways, we are disappointed.

We are disappointed.


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